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If you’re looking for a salon that offers an unconventional approach to beauty, then O'lee Aesthetics has exactly what you need! Their new Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Treatment provides a revolutionary solution for those struggling to remove stubborn fat deposits—all it requires is a few simple injections and poof! All your unsightly fat will be dissolved away with no surgery necessary. Get the summer-ready body of your dreams at O'lee Aesthetics today!

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What is Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Treatment

Aqualyx is an innovative and painless fat-dissolving treatment that helps to reduce stubborn and unwanted fat deposits. This non-invasive procedure is designed to help you achieve the body shape you desire without the need for surgery, making it the perfect option for those looking to get ready for swimsuit season.

Why Choose Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Treatment

Long-Lasting Results

Aqualyx can provide long-lasting results that will help you look and feel your best. Unlike other fat dissolving treatments, Aqualyx results can last for up to two years, making it the perfect choice for those looking for a more permanent solution.

Enjoy a More Confident You

Our Aqualyx fat dissolving treatment can help you to look and feel fantastic. With reduced fat, you'll enjoy a more confident you. Plus, our treatment is gentle on the body, making it perfect for those wanting to reduce fat without invasive procedures or surgery.

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Get Ready for Swimsuit Season with Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Treatment 

Non-Invasive Procedure


Aqualyx Fat Dissolving is a non-invasive procedure that helps to reduce unwanted fat. This innovative treatment uses a specially formulated injection that is injected into the area to be treated. The injection then dissolves and eliminates unwanted fat, leaving you with a slimmer figure.

Simple, Safe and Quick


Aqualyx Fat Dissolving is a simple, safe and quick procedure that can help you get rid of unwanted fat. The treatment can be carried out in just one visit and the effects can be seen after just one treatment. This makes it the perfect choice for those looking to reduce unwanted fat without having to undergo any invasive procedures.

Get the Body You Want


Aqualyx Fat Dissolving is the perfect way to get rid of unwanted fat and sculpt the body you want. This innovative treatment can help you reduce fat in areas such as the stomach, hips, thighs and arms, giving you the body shape you desire. With Aqualyx Fat Dissolving, you can enjoy a slimmer, more toned figure without having to undergo any invasive procedures.

How Does It Work


Aqualyx works by using a natural fat dissolving solution that is injected into the affected area. This solution breaks down the fat cells, which are then released through your body’s natural metabolic processes. The procedure is fast and painless, taking only a few minutes to complete. 



Results from Aqualyx can be seen in as little as two weeks, with optimal results seen after a course of several treatments. The treatment is safe and effective, allowing you to achieve the body shape you desire without the need for surgery or invasive procedures. With Aqualyx, you can be ready for swimsuit season in no time!

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Finally, a Fat Dissolving Treatment that Gets Results

Try the Aesthetics Industry's Best Kept Secret

Wave Goodbye to Unwanted Bulges

Get the perfect beach body with Aqualyx!
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