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Acrylic Extensions

Manicure Treatment

  • 30 min
  • 40 British pounds
  • Chelsea

Service Description

Are you ready to unleash your inner nail diva? Our Acrylic Nail Extension service is here to take your nails to new lengths - literally! Get ready for gorgeous, glamorous nails that are sure to turn heads wherever you go. So, what exactly are acrylic nail extensions? They're a fabulous way to add length and strength to your natural nails. Picture this: flawless, extended nails that are as fierce as your style. With acrylics, the possibilities are endless! The process of applying acrylic nail extensions is truly an art form, and our talented technicians are experts at it. They'll start by prepping your nails, gently buffing them to create a smooth surface. This step ensures that the acrylic adheres perfectly, giving you a strong and long-lasting manicure. Next comes the fun part - choosing your desired nail shape and length. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of square nails or the trendy allure of coffin-shaped nails, our technicians can bring your vision to life. Want to go long and dramatic or keep it short and sweet? The choice is yours! Once you've decided on the perfect shape, our technicians will apply the acrylic mixture. This special blend of acrylic powder and liquid is skillfully molded and shaped onto your natural nails, creating extensions that are both durable and stunning. It's like sculpting a work of art on your fingertips! After the acrylic is applied, our technicians will shape and file your nails to perfection. They'll make sure that each nail is symmetrical and precisely tailored to your desired length and style. Think of it as a custom-fit manicure that's uniquely you! Now, let's talk about the longevity of your acrylic nail extensions. When properly cared for, acrylics can last for several weeks before requiring a fill or maintenance appointment. They're incredibly resilient and can withstand your daily activities, whether it's typing away at a keyboard or dancing the night away. Of course, the exact lifespan of your acrylic nails depends on factors such as your nail growth and how well you maintain them. But don't worry - our technicians will provide you with tips and tricks to keep your nails looking fabulous for as long as possible. So, are you ready to take your nails to the next level? Treat yourself to our Acrylic Nail Extension service and get ready to rock nails that are as fierce as you are.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in an administration in accordance with our Appointment Policy.

Contact Details

  • Chelsea, London, UK


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